Baking powder for the dough.

Baking powder for the dough with your own hands.

For the most lavish baking. Baking powder for the dough. Very often a baking powder is required for the preparation of the dough. Of course, it can be bought in a store, and in any and not for a lot of money. But very few people know that the baking powder can be made by hand, at home. To do this, you need the simplest ingredients that every hostess has at hand.

Baking powder for the dough.

I suggest you just two recipes: they differ only in composition. The quality of baking does not affect which version you will use. Dough, thanks to this additive, will be lush, odorless soda.

Necessary ingredients:

• six teaspoons of potato or cornstarch;
• six teaspoons of wheat flour;
• five teaspoons of baking soda;
• three teaspoons of citric acid.

For the second option:

• three teaspoons of citric acid;
• five teaspoons of baking soda;
• 12 teaspoons of wheat flour.

Baking powder for self-test: step by step cooking process.

1. Prepare a sieve immediately, a dry clean bowl and a dry jar with a lid: to store the finished product.

2. Place the sieve on a bowl, pour in it wheat flour, starch, baking soda, citric acid. All carefully we sift, that the mixture is enriched by air and became more homogeneous.

3. Transfer to a prepared dry jar, close the lid and shake the seconds carefully. 20.

4. If you need a lot of baking powder, increase the amount of ingredients.

5. The second variant of preparation is exactly the same as the first, but the products will need less.

6. Council. To keep the mixture better, put a couple of cubes of refined sugar in the jar.

7. Use the mixture for its intended purpose: put it in a dough for pancakes, pies or biscuit. Recipes for all tastes you can find on our website «Girls».

Baking powder for the dough, prepared by yourself, will help you in any situation and will be an excellent substitute for the store analogue. And you can make it at any time, in any quantity.


Baking powder for the dough.

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