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Balls with herring and nuts

Balls with herring and nuts

easy holiday appetizers


3 boiled beets
2 boiled carrots
200 g hard cheese
8 boiled eggs
100 g of herring fillets
5-7 walnut kernels
2 cloves garlic
mayonnaise, parsley and dill for decoration

1. Carrots and beets clean. One beet postpone for decoration. The rest of the beets and all the carrots grate in separate containers. Garlic clean, chop. Herring fillet cut into small pieces. Cheese grate and divide into 2 equal parts. Eggs are cleaned. Half of the eggs postponed for decoration. The remaining separate the yolks from the whites. Yolks mash with a fork, proteins grate.

2. Add the egg yolks and sugar beet of the grated cheese and mix. From the resulting mass formed into small cakes, in the middle of each put a piece of herring and roll balls.

3. To add the grated carrots proteins, remaining cheese, chopped garlic, stir. From carrot mass and molded balls, putting on the inside of each half walnut kernels.

4. Of the deferred beet and carrot cut in a circle rather narrow strips and fold them for «stands» by the balls. Bottom beet balls roll in shredded fennel and put on «stand» of beets. Carrot balls to put on «stand» of eggs. Garnish with mayonnaise and parsley.




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