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Beef in Chinese

Beef in Chinese

This dish is prepared more than four hours.

CALORIUM: 144 kcal


Beef (tenderloin or scapula) — 500 g
Broth (beef) — 200 ml
Bulgarian Pepper — 2 pcs.
Garlic — 1 tsp. Shred
Ginger — 1 tsp. Shred
Sauce (soybean) — 60 ml
Oil (vegetable) — 2 tbsp.
Oil (sesame) — ¼ tsp.
Sugar — 1 tbsp.
Starch (corn) — 1 tbsp.
Pepper (black ground) — ¼ tsp.

Slice beef in thin strips.
Oil should be heated in a deep frying pan.
Add soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, sugar, garlic, pepper, and half a cup of broth. Good ingredients to mix

Then add the beef. Re-mix everything.
Cook the meat for three hours on a small fire.

In the broth, which is left, put the cornstarch. Mix in a small container. Pour into a frying pan and stir.

Continue to cook, the dish will be cooked as early as 1 hour. The sauce should thicken.

Slice the peppers with strips. 15 minutes before the meat is ready, add the pepper. Stir well. Cook no more than 15 minutes. Pepper should remain crispy.
Serve the dish hot with buckwheat, rice or noodles.


Beef in Chinese



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