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Beef in Spanish

Beef in Spanish

We need the following ingredients:
• Beef, fillets — 600 g
• Beef broth — 200 ml
• Lemon juice — 2 tbsp. L.
• Garlic — 2 cloves
• Small potatoes — 400 g
• Olive oil — 6 tbsp. L.
• Chili — 2 pcs.
• Ketchup — 150 g
• Cilantro, dill, pepper, salt — to taste

Method of preparation, how to cook:

Cut the meat into large pieces. Grind the garlic on garlic. Beat meat, salt, pepper, sprinkle with lemon juice, grate garlic, wrap in food film and put for 20 minutes in the refrigerator.

Next, peel and cut the potatoes in half. Finely chop the chilli. Then warm up 3 tbsp. L. Olive oil in a frying pan.

Fry the meat for 7 minutes on both sides. Then it is necessary to fry the chilli in the oil left after the meat. Add the ketchup there and add a lot of broth; Salt, pepper and simmer for five minutes.

The next step is to add the chopped cilantro into the sauce.
Next put the meat in the sauce and simmer under the lid on shallow fire for a quarter of an hour.

Preheat another 3 tbsp. L. Olive oil and fry the pieces of potatoes to a ruddy crust (salt).
Lay meat and potatoes on plates. Chop the dill and sprinkle the prepared dish. Bon Appetit!

Beef in Spanish



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