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Best chicken salad.

Salad with chicken breast and Korean carrots.

Best chicken salad.

A simple but very tasty salad of chicken breast, Korean carrots, fresh cucumber and cheese. Best chicken salad.


Chicken breast — 300 g
Carrots in Korean — 130 g
Cheese (hard variety) — 80-100 g
Fresh cucumber — 100 g
Salt — to taste
Pepper chum — to taste
Mayonnaise — to taste

Best chicken salad.

Cooking process

Recipes for salads with chicken there is a huge amount. I’m sure that every housewife has a couple of favorite recipes for salads with chicken meat. The salad recipe, which I want to offer you today, is simple enough to prepare and is not very expensive. I think that you, too, will be able to evaluate the salad with dignity, if you cook it.

So, today we are preparing a salad with chicken breast and Korean carrots. This salad will decorate any festive table and diversify your daily menu.

Best chicken salad.

Prepare the food.

Chicken breast is washed, boiled in slightly salted water for 30 minutes. Do not forget to remove the foam that appeared after boiling.
We chill the prepared chicken breast and divide it into fibers.
We cut the cheese into strips.
Cucumber completely or partially peeled and cut, like cheese, with straw.
The ingredients for the salad are ready, you can begin to form salad.

Salad can be served portion by using a culinary ring. The cut products are laid out in layers. Each layer is blotted with mayonnaise.
Or we combine in the salad bowl all the ingredients: chicken breast, Korean carrots, cucumber and cheese. Add the mayonnaise and pepper. We try to salt, if necessary, add. Stir the lettuce.
A hearty salad with chicken breast and Korean carrots is ready. Try it, it’s delicious!


Best chicken salad.

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