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Biscuits with chocolate trio.

Biscuits with chocolate trio.

ingredients for making cake at home

• Flour — 125 g
• Baking powder — 1/2 tsp..
• 25g cocoa powder
• 125 g of chocolate containing cocoa 70% (without fillers)
• White chocolate — 100 g
• Milk chocolate — 200 g
• Butter room temperature — 100 g
• 175 g of dark brown sugar (or normal)
• 2 large eggs
• 3-4 drops vanilla essence (or 1/4 hr. L. Vanillin)

• 2 large baking tray lined with baking paper

Cooking method:
1 Preheat the oven to 180 ° C. Sift flour with baking powder and cocoa in great shape. Smash dark chocolate into small pieces and melt in a water bath. When it is completely melted, stir the mixture once and remove from heat to cool. White and milk chocolate chop large pieces.

2 Mixer, beat the butter and sugar in a white magnificent cream to mix portions of eggs and enter the vanilla essence or vanilla. Continuing to whisk, pour a thin stream of melted chocolate and chopped white and milk chocolate. To mix the flour with the cocoa.

3 dessert spoons lay the dough slides at a distance from each other on the prepared baking sheets. Bake for 10 minutes. Leave the cookies briefly in the frying sheets (it hardens slightly), then remove the product with a spatula trays and passed on to the bars to cool down completely.

About the dish:
Yield: about 30 pieces

Try cookies with dark chocolate and nuts: instead of milk and white chocolate, add 150 g of chopped hazelnuts, walnuts or macadamia nuts. You get a cookie «Black Forest», if you replace the milk chocolate 50 g of dried cherries and chopped white chocolate.


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