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Dessert recipes simple and delicious.

Blanmange is the most delicious medieval dessert.
Once a blanc-manger was considered a drug. Up to now it has come in the form of — dessert. Milk, sugar and gelatin are the main ingredients of Blanmange.


500 g — cream; (can be replaced with natural yoghurt)
100 g — sugar;
’20 — Gelatin;
’50 — Chocolate (bitter better);



1) Soak gelatin for 30 minutes in a small amount of water.
2) room temperature sour cream to whip a sahorom.
3) The gelatin in the water bath boil, you can not bring to a boil.
4) gelatin mass must be entered in the sour cream.
5) In a water bath to bring the chocolate to a liquid state also.
6) Pour everything into shape. Chocolate should be entered in portions gradually make divorce.


Dessert will solidify about 3-4 hours in the refrigerator.
Bon Appetit!




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