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borscht soup recipe

Borsch with pork in the multivark

borscht soup recipe
Each hostess can cook borsch. But there are hundreds of recipes for borscht. We offer to try to cook borsch with pork in a multivar …


Cabbage — 350 g
Potatoes — 4 pcs.
Onion — 1 pc.
Carrots — 1 pc.
Beet — 1 pc.
Tomato paste — 120 g
Sunflower oil — 100 g
Pork — 400 g
Laurel leaf — 1 pc.
Salt — to taste
Pepper to taste
Greenery — to taste
Water 2.5 liters

borscht soup recipe

Cooking process

Probably, every housewife borscht cook quite often. Preparing this dish is not too fast, although you can find ways to simplify and speed up cooking. One such option is borsch refueling, the recipe of which is present on our website. Well, and one more way to make cooking borscht more simple, in my opinion, is a multivarker. Why?

A very convenient function of the multivark is the delayed start function. So, if you load all the necessary components into the cup of the multivark, further preparation can take place without our participation, even in our absence. You can download the necessary ingredients in the morning, set the program and safely go to work. And at lunch, come and get a fresh ready borscht — delicious and fragrant.

There are only a few nuances related to the fact that when cooking in a multivark, we have only one heating device and only one bowl for cooking (on the stove we would be able to cook immediately on all the burners). That’s why the order of preparation of components for borsch is somewhat different than if I cooked borsch on a gas stove.

Prepare the ingredients for the preparation of borsch with pork in the multivark.

Borsch in the multivark can be prepared both from fresh cabbage, and from sour. Today I make borscht from sauerkraut. To slightly reduce the acid, I’ll wash the cabbage and soak it. If you use fresh cabbage, then it will only need to be chopped.

Pour the cabbage with water

We begin to prepare ordinary borsch with the preparation of broth. If we start to prepare borsch in a multivariate with the preparation of broth, then the bowl will be filled with broth, and we will not have anything to prepare the refueling. Therefore, the preparation of borsch in the multivark, we will begin with the preparation of refueling. Shred the carrots, beets and onions.

Add the onions and carrots to the bowl and save it with lean oil, setting the «Hot» program.
Add the onions and carrots beets, pour half a glass of water and put out the vegetables for about 20 minutes on the program «Quenching».

Add the tomato paste and fry the dressing for 10 minutes on the «Hot» program. The ready-for-use refueling will be removed to a separate bowl, releasing the bowl of the multivarquet for broth preparation.
The meat will be filled with water, filling the bowl of the multivarquet for about three quarters. Cook the meat on the program «Stew» or «Soup» 40-60 minutes (the time of cooking meat depends on its hardness).

We add to the broth the peeled and diced potatoes, we will salivate. Cook for about 15 minutes on the same programs.

Then add the cabbage and continue to cook for another 25 minutes.
Add the dressing, bay leaf, pepper and cook for another 15 minutes.
In the finished dish, when serving, we add greenery and garlic.
Ready borsch with pork served with sour cream or mayonnaise.



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