Brownie with cream cheese and cherry

Brownie with cream cheese and cherry

Chocolate cakes and pastries are popular among all fans of sweet pastries. Many of the dishes with the addition of chocolate can recreate every housewife in the kitchen. One such recipe is a brownie with cream cheese and cherries.
Keep in mind that the taste quality of the cake with cocoa markedly different from the dishes with the addition of dark chocolate. Therefore, professional chefs prepare cakes exclusively with real chocolate. If you wish, it can be mixed with cocoa or instant coffee.
For pomp usually use baking powder or a little soda. As additional ingredients often put fruits, berries, jams, nuts. So, let’s prepare brownie with cream cheese and cherries, especially the combination of these components can be safely called a classic.

For the dough:

• 100 grams of chocolate
• 50 grams of sugar
• 120 grams butter
• 2 eggs
• 1 teaspoon baking soda
• a little salt.

For filling:

• 300 grams of frozen cherries
• 300 grams of cottage cheese
• 100 grams of sugar
• 2 eggs.

Brownie Recipe with cheese and cherry:

1. To start the chocolate and butter should be melted. This is recommended in a water bath. The mixture should be cool.
2. Mix eggs with sugar and salt, whisking until the grains are dissolved completely.
3. Cherries should be thawed.
4. Cottage cheese combine with the eggs and sugar — it is very important to obtain a homogeneous consistency.
5. You can then combine the egg and chocolate mixture.
6. The composition of the resulting add flour with soda, previously passed these ingredients. Thoroughly stir to completely dissolve all lumps.
7. The bottom of the form to lay a parchment, brush edges with butter and lay out a third test.
8. Cover with half of the curd mass and cherries.
9. Then put the third test again, half the cream and cherries. It is advisable to distribute the dough evenly as possible.
10. The last layer should be lay out dough remnants. If you wish, you can make small stains.
11. Brownie need to bake for 50 minutes. Temperature — 180 degrees. This is not to open the oven.
Ready to pull the pie out of the oven and remove the form. Cool to room temperature and then serve.




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