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Cabbage is a «surprise».

Cabbage is a «surprise».

pickled foods.

Cabbage is a «surprise». When the guests offer this salad, everyone is surprised how I managed to grow such a beautiful red cabbage. And I modestly smile and keep silent, that I’m so marinel ordinary cabbage!

I gladly share my secrets with all readers.

Cabbage (2 kilograms) is mine, I remove the top leaves, large shin. Beetroot (2-3 pieces) is cleaned, cut into small cubes.
Carrots (3-4 pieces) I clean, I cut figuratively.
Garlic (1 — 2 cloves) is cleaned and cut into slices.
Ginger (20-30 g) rub on grater.

In a saucepan, lay the prepared vegetables in layers.
The top layer is cabbage.

I prepare marinade: boil 1.5 liters of water, add 9 tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of salt. Brine I bring to a boil, pour two tablespoons of acetic essence and pour cabbage.

Cabbage hands knead, and leave it for 3 days.

Mix the prepared salad, tightly spread it on the sterilized jars. I close the nylon, tightly fitting the covers, and lower it to the basement.


Cabbage is a "surprise".

Fruit salad with ice cream.

Grapes — 150 g
Canned Pineapple — 100 g
Bananas — 1 g
Kiwi — 2 g
Sundae — 2 g
Chocolate chips — to taste.

Cooking recipe:

1. Peel banana and cut into slices.
2. Peel kiwi, cut it in half and then chop into cubes.
3. Put all the fruits on a plate, put a ball of ice cream on top, sprinkle with chocolate chips.

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