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Ingredients: 1 cake:

5 eggs;
80 g of butter or margarine;
80 g of powdered;
30g cocoa powder;
80g chopped blanched almonds;
70 g flour;
apricot jam or marmalade;


100 g of powdered sugar;
0.1 L of water;
20g cocoa powder;
50 g butter.


Egg yolks grind with butter or margarine, add powdered sugar, mixing, cocoa powder, egg whites, whipped into a thick foam, flour and almonds. In the form of cake, buttered and floured, put the dough and bake in the oven over medium heat.

Ready and the cooled cake cut into two layers, brush with jam and connect. On top of the cake and decorate with glaze lipstick.

Making lipstick: powdered sugar, add water and cook a thick syrup. Cocoa rub with oil and, stirring constantly, add the hot syrup. When the lipstick starts to thicken, her glaze the cake.
Bon Appetit!



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