Cake pigeon’s milk»

Cake pigeon’s milk»

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For the cake with a diameter of 20-24 cm, if you want to be part of the souffle was a taller and larger, reduce the diameter:

Yolks — 4 pcs.
Sugar — 60 g
Flour — 60 g
Impregnation cake: alcohol / simple sugar syrup
For the soufflé:

Agar — 10 g
Water — 150 mL
Sugar — 300 g
Butter room temperature — 200 g
Condensed milk — 100 g
Proteins — 4 pieces
For decoration:

Chocolate -100 g
Milk — 2-3 tbsp
Butter — 50 g
Red currant and mint if desired
Agar-agar pour water. Leave.

For the biscuit Beat yolks with sugar in a light fluffy mass. Add the flour and whisk gently at low speeds.

Put the dough into the mold (I have a ring), oiled, smooth.

Bake in a preheated 180 degree oven for 15 minutes. Remove from the oven, cool.

Turn the porous side up, soak the syrup to choose from. And once again put on the ring, or put in the form.

Soft butter whisk in the cream, then add condensed milk. If you vzobete all at once, together, weight may exfoliate.

Defer cream aside.

Agar put on fire and simmered bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Then add the sugar and cook to 110 degrees.

If you do not have a thermometer, you can be guided by a thread that will reach for a spoon or spatula.

Turn off the heat under the syrup. Beat the whites into a solid mass and continued beating pour the hot syrup in a thin stream into proteins. That should get such a dense mass of the protein.

Then add proteins in the cream and quickly mix the mass.

Finished weight

Put the souffle in the form, smooth top and put into the fridge to pour. Then carefully remove the ring, having at the edges of the silicone spatula or a thin knife.

Melt chocolate in a water bath, add the butter and milk, mix well and pour over cake. Give zastynut in the refrigerator. Before serving, decorate with berries and mint souffle.



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