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Cake «Red velvet»

Cake «Red velvet».

Dessert «Red velvet» or «velvet cake» is very popular in America and England. Traditionally prepared as a layer cake with frosting cream cheese. And an unusual reddish color cakes can be obtained by adding food coloring or using natural ingredients. What kind? Read below.

You will need:
For the dough:

4 eggs;
Article 1.5. tablespoons of cocoa powder;
450 g flour;
400 ml of vegetable oil (refined);
370 grams of yogurt;
1/4 teaspoon fine salt.;
400 g of sugar;
2.5 teaspoon (no slides) baking powder.;
1.3 teaspoon (no slides) of baking soda.;
2-3 h. Spoon of gel food coloring (red).
Instead, the gel can be used natural dye. This will help us beets. It is necessary to choose a maroon beets, it will give the desired red color. Decoction of the beets until tender with 1-2 tablespoons of sugar. Immediately we’ll get out of the broth. Leave to dry in the open state. It is better to do it the day before preparing the cake. Beets clean, cut into pieces and grind blender to a thick puree. The puree can add 1 tablespoon of vinegar.

For the cream:

300 grams of cream 33-35% — fat content;
400 g cream cheese (cottage cheese);
150 g of powdered sugar.

Eggs connect with sugar and stir with a mixer for about 5 minutes (until a light weight).
The kefir Pour baking soda, mix thoroughly.
Add the product gel coloring agent, mix until uniform staining test in a bright red color. If it turns pale hue, dye dosage may slightly increase. Instead, the dye can be added beet juice or beet puree tender.
By colored kefir pour vegetable oil. For Cake «Red velvet» oil must be high quality and refined (odorless and tasteless) to the finished dessert I had an unpleasant taste.
Separately mixed and sieved through a fine sieve flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, add fine salt.
Pour dry ingredients to the egg mass, followed by pouring colored mixture of oil and yogurt. Beat with a mixer until a homogeneous bright red structure with no lumps of flour.
Received biscuit dough and divide in half is distributed over the two split a diameter of 20-22 cm. For convenience, the bottom was covered with parchment forms (bumpers can not be lubricated).
Bake Biscuit Cake «Red velvet» about 30-40 minutes at 180 degrees. Ready traditionally check, plunging into the dough wooden skewer / toothpick. If the stick is dry, remove the form from the oven.
Cool completely, cut the biscuit along the workpiece into two parts. The same is done with the second biscuit (in the end we get 4 red cake).

Prepare the cream:

Very chilled cream, beat with a mixer to density.
In a separate container, mix the powdered sugar with cream cheese at room temperature. Lightly whisk.
Often enter the whipped cream, stirring gently with a spoon weight. Garnish as desired.


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