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Cake with red fish.

Cake with red fish.

We will need these ingredients:
• Salmon and trout salted — 300 — 400 g
• The dough is flaky yeast
• Eggs — 4 pcs
• Green onions — 1 bunch
• Rice — 1 cup

Cooking method:
To start pre-boil the rice, so that he had time to cool down.

Cover the baking pan with paper baking and sodium butter.

Roll out two sheets of dough. One sheet laid out on the bottom of the form.

Cleanse the fish from the skin and bones. We shall cut into small pieces.

Decoction boiled eggs and chop the onion.

Now out with layers of stuffing pie on the basis of: a layer of rice, then onions and eggs. The most recent — a layer of fish.

Cover with the top half of the second test. Tucks the pie dough at the edges. Smear butter on top of the cake and sprinkle with sugar. To exit a couple, make a few holes with a knife.

In a preheated 180 degree oven send cake for 40 minutes. Then get him and leave to rest for another 10 minutes.

About the dish:
Cake with red fish — it’s incredibly tasty dish. It can be served both cold and hot.

This is a very simple recipe for the preparation of this cake is fine frozen puff pastry, so you can easily and quickly prepare this dish.



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