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Cake «Zebra».

Cake «Zebra».

Cake «Zebra». Prescription of elegant treats on a festive table.

Baking dough recipes.

Cake «Zebra». Simple to prepare, simple and very beautiful cake you can bake for the arrival of guests or a family tea. Especially the «Zebra» cake like children — its color, he really looks like this funny little animals.

Cake «Zebra».

This elegant classic Smetannikov, mixed special «tricky» way, not only will satisfy hungry guests and amuse them with their appearance.

Cake «Zebra» — we need these ingredients:

• 200 g flour
• 3 eggs,
• 200 ml of low-fat sour cream,
• 50 g butter,
• 1 h. Spoon of vegetable oil,
• 270 g of sugar,
• 10 g of vanilla sugar,
• 3 tbsp. spoons cocoa powder
• 0,5 hours. Baking soda,
• a pinch of salt.

Cake «Zebra» — a way of cooking:

Vzbey eggs with the sugar. Add sour cream, soft butter and mix.

Unite the sifted flour, soda, salt and vanilla sugar.

Mix liquid and dry ingredients and mix until smooth.

The resulting dough is split in half and one part add cocoa.

Form for baking heat and smazh oil.

In the center of the form pour 3 tablespoons. white spoon test, and then on top of him — 3 tbsp. Spoon chocolate. Continue filling the form, alternating dark and light dough.

To submit a form in a preheated 180 ° C oven and bake a pie «Zebra» for about 40 minutes.

Ready biscuit and let cool slightly Get out of shape.

Cake «Zebra» looks very impressive in the context, so serve it on a wide platter, cut into pieces a la carte.

Bon Appetit!

Cake Zebra


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