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Candy Raffaello.

Candy Raffaello.

Candy Raffaello.

Candy Raffaello. Quick and easy desserts. 

The ingredients needed to prepare the recipe of chocolates:

1) Butter — 100 g;
2) Condensed milk — 80 g;
3) Vanilla sugar — 1 tsp .;.
4) Chips of coconut — 200 g;

Preparation of chocolates:

Take 100 grams of butter, put it in a separate bowl. The oil should be soft for this dezhim at room temperature. Then mash with a fork oil.

Adding to the oil condensed milk. Mass whisk well. Then
add the vanilla sugar to the resulting mass. Mix the ingredients.

Now add coconut — take a 300 gr. coconut.
Mixture send in the refrigerator until thick.

When the mass hardens well, get it out of the refrigerator.
Next formirovyvaem of weight balls.

Boned candy balls in coconut flakes. Raffaello candies ready to eat. Bon Appetit.

Candy Raffaello

Candy dates in chocolate.

Royal dates in chocolate with whole almonds inside — a truly royal dessert for real gourmets!

Royal dates — 12 amount
Almonds — 12 pcs.
Milk Chocolate — 85 g
Coconut flakes — 2 tbsp.
Wooden toothpicks — 12 pcs.

Step by step recipe.

Dates are a tasty and healthy product. And dates in chocolate, and even with a whole almond nut inside — this is a real treat for the most demanding gourmet!

For this dessert, it is best to use royal dates. They have an oblong shape and are less deformed. But, of course, you can use ordinary dates, they are cheaper, but no less tasty.

In the latter case, you will need to take care to give the sweets some form, since cheap dates are usually badly deformed.

As a filling, I chose an almond nut, since a date is a rather large fruit, therefore, you can put a large nut inside.

Of course, almonds can be replaced with hazelnuts, peanuts or cashews. You can sprinkle something on top of the candy.

I use coconut, can be crushed nuts, sesame seeds, colored sprinkles, etc.

Let’s start with the preparation of the fruits. From the date we extract the bone. We try to make an incision smaller.
Instead of a bone through an incision, we insert almonds in a date.

Melt the milk chocolate in a water bath without heating the mass above 45 degrees.
Put the prepared fruits on wooden toothpicks and “bathe” in molten chocolate.

For hardening, I came up with such a simple way.
I roll some of the sweets in coconut flakes and put them in the fridge. After a few hours, the chocolate will harden.

Chocolates «Dates in Chocolate» are ready. We eat them on our own or with tea or coffee.

Candy Raffaello.



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