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Сhicken breast fillet recipes.

Chicken with apples and potatoes in the oven.

Сhicken breast fillet recipes.

Make your dinner unusual and original, preparing a simple dish from the available products. Сhicken breast fillet recipes.

Initially, the idea of ​​baking potatoes with apples seemed adventurous. But after trying this dish for the first time, I began to cook it more often. The taste of apples turned out completely unexpected. Fruit soaked in the aroma of spices, dried herbs. Some pieces were soaked with chicken fat.

Сhicken breast fillet recipes.

You do not need to talk about potatoes. Who does not like fragrant pieces of a popular vegetable baked with chicken. Those potato slices, which are on top, can eventually turn out to be crispy. What makes the dish even more attractive, for example, for children. Before serving, you can pour potatoes with sour cream, cheese, tomato or garlic sauce.

Сhicken breast fillet recipes.

Before you start cooking chicken with apples and potatoes in the oven, prepare all the necessary products. An apple can be sweet or sour-sweet, preferably juicy. Also for the dish you can use chicken drumsticks, hips, fillets or wings.


Potatoes — 600 g
Apples — 2-3 pcs.
Chicken — 350 g
Salt — 1.5 tsp.
Ground coriander — 0,5 tsp.
Dried thyme — 0.5 tsp.
Vegetable oil — 3 tbsp.


Form for baking potatoes and chicken should be greased with vegetable oil. For this purpose it is convenient to use a culinary silicone brush. Chicken cut into small pieces, fold into a shape.

Salt the chicken, sprinkle it with ground coriander, dried thyme. You can also use other spices. For example, a mixture of ground peppers, paprika, fenugreek, saffron.

Potatoes must be peeled and thoroughly washed. Then cut into thin slices. You can use a special grater, especially if you cook a dish for a large family.

One large or a couple of small apples washed. Remove the core and tails. Cut the fruit into slices or some other way, at your discretion, but not too finely.

In the form on top of the pieces of chicken lay out arbitrarily dots of potatoes, you can in a circle. And you can put apple slices in the center.

The final touch is potatoes and apples. Then, like chicken, sprinkle with spices and dried thyme. By the way, thyme is perfectly combined with chicken and potatoes. However, the apple is also delicious. It is desirable to pour 150 ml of broth or water into the mold.

Form for the first 20 minutes of baking is better covered with foil or lid. If the form is ceramic, then put it in a cold oven. Then set the temperature to 180 degrees. Bake for 20 minutes under the lid and then for 15 minutes without the lid. To apples and the top layer of potatoes lightly browned.

Chicken will languish in broth and apple juice, which is formed during the baking of fruits. The meat will turn out very soft and juicy.

Serve baked in the oven, a chicken with apples and potatoes is better hot or warm.


Сhicken breast fillet recipes.

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