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Chocolate brownie recipe

Chocolate brownie recipe

Chocolate brownie recipe which you can read below, you get very heavy and hearty with a rich chocolate taste — all without a single gram of flour!
First, it rises and then settles as foam during baking. But the taste of brownies will delight any fan of chocolate!

Generally, brownies — this is a very common American chocolate dessert. It can be enjoyed at any coffee shop, his cook any American housewife. It is usually served with coffee or milk. Brownies baked like a flat cake, which was subsequently cut into squares or strips.

Exquisite and unique flavor it imparts a light half-baked inside. Pie gets in that moment, when the dough is still on the match, and middle, slightly watery.
It sets and hardens when cooled.

The recipe for chocolate brownies

For the preparation we need a square shape of side 23 cm and aluminum foil, as well as:
7 eggs
1/2 Art. Sahara
200 g of milk chocolate
200 g of dark chocolate
160 g of «Nutella»
250 g whipping cream
1/3 Art. Chocolate liqueur (optional)
1 tbsp. l. Cocoa for sprinkling (optional)

Melt the chocolate in a water bath.
Well, beat the cream in a separate bowl and set aside to the side.
Whisk eggs with sugar and gradually add the slightly cooled chocolate and «Nutella».
When the ingredients are well mixed, add the whipped cream and gently stirred.
Pour the contents into a baking dish, the laid aluminum foil and bake in a preheated 170 degree oven in a water bath (the form must be ¾ of the height into water) for about one hour.
After half an hour it is necessary to cover the top, so that it is not burnt.
Cool off in the oven, then put in the refrigerator overnight to a brownie should be cooled down.
We get ready chocolate brownie, cut into pieces, if desired sprinkle with cocoa.
Try Tai and happiness, plunging headlong into its delicate flavor!

Chocolate brownie recipe


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