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Chocolate cake.

How to cook a recipe for chocolate cake.

Chocolate cake.


 5 pieces. — Eggs for chicken biscuit
125 g — Sugar for the biscuit
125 grams — wheat flour for biscuit
1 tbsp. l. Cocoa powder biscuit
200 g — Boiled condensed milk cream
200 grams — butter cream
50 grams — cocoa powder to cream
10 grams — vegetable oil cream

sugar syrup
75 grams of sugar
75 ml. water
20 ml brandy

Chocolate cake.

Preparation of chocolate cake recipe.

1. Eggs whip with sugar (incandescent). I add the flour with cocoa — powder. Flour and cocoa pre-screened. All gently stirred.

2. I take a baking dish with a diameter of 20-22 cm. The mixture was poured into a mold and bake at 180 ° C. Checking readiness sponge cake with a toothpick or a match.

3. Preparation of a cream. Condensed milk whip with butter, then add the sifted cocoa, mixed with vegetable oil. The cream is supposed to be great, the smell — boiled condensed milk with chocolate.

4. As soon as the cake is ready, I remove it from the mold and allowed to cool. The cooled sponge cake cut into 3 layers. Each impregnated with syrup cake.

5. coat with cream cakes. Daubed top and sides. Boca I sprinkle walnuts, decorate the top. Cake Store in refrigerator. Bon Appetit!


Chocolate cake.


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