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Chocolate egg

Chocolate egg

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We will need these ingredients:
• Whipped cream or ice cream;
• Jelly yellow (pineapple, lemon, apricot …) or dried apricots or anything else yellow and sweet.

Cooking method:
You can accurately cut a small portion of eggs, exactly this, to control the capsule with a toy, and then fill half the egg cream or ice cream, put a small ball of dried apricots or jelly on white sweet fill weight.

And you can carefully cut egg on «welding» the seam, to give a child a toy, and fill the halves slightly melted ice cream, put «yolk», and re-connect. Do not forget to put in the freezer where ice freezes again, connecting to the whole egg!

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About the dish:
Unfortunately, in the factory, I was not, the conveyor belt did not see, so that you describe the process of conception, the birth of this delicacy can not. But I can tell you how to turn this chocolate egg in a real surprise.


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