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chocolate hearts

Chocolate candies with dried fruits

chocolate hearts
At 40 pcs .:

200 gr. Chocolate by choice

70 gr. Chocolate ganache (see the recipe «Three Chocolates»)

80 gr. Dried fruits or nuts

1. Chocolate melted on a water bath.
2.Forms fill with chocolate (1/3 of chocolate leave for candy covers)
3. Let the chocolate solidify at room temperature, if it is required to coat the mold with chocolate once more (if there are lumens in the piercing layer)
4. Fill the candies with nuts completely or with ½. If nuts are filled with ½, then the remaining space is filled with ganash. !!! Leave not filled a little space on top, then to «close the candy»
5. The remaining chocolate to close the candy.
6. Let it freeze at room temperature.
7. Get out of shape. Bon Appetit!




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