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Cocktail Salad Compliment.

Cocktail Salad Compliment.

Cocktail Salad Compliment.

A beautiful and satisfying salad with a pleasant taste diversifies the festive menu. Such a salad can be served in a portioned version or in a large salad bowl.
Instead of chicken, you can use pork or beef (boiled or fried). The layers can be salted to taste, but I slightly pickle the mayonnaise, then you do not need to salt. Cucumber can be used both fresh and pickled. Nuts tastier fried. The decor in this salad is stable, as the protein dries up, «preserves» dill greens.

Ingredients (in 3 servings):

Egg white — 1 pc.
Dill greens — 2-3 tbsp. l
Fresh cucumber — 120 g
Chicken fillet (fried) — 160 g
Eggs (boiled) — 2 pcs.
Walnuts (fried) — 40 g
Mayonnaise — 50-100 g
Greens — for decoration

Cocktail Salad Compliment.

Salad making:

Beat the egg white slightly so that it becomes uniform and fluid. Pour into a flat plate. Dip the edge of the bowl into the protein, shake off the excess and dip in the finely chopped greens of dill without turning. Cut cucumber, chicken and eggs into cubes and lay on the bottom of the bowl in layers:

1. Eggs
2. Mayonnaise
3. Chicken fillet
4. Mayonnaise
5. Nuts
6. Cucumbers
7. Mayonnaise

Garnish the salad with nuts and dill.

Cocktail Salad Compliment.

Salad «Minute»

Salad with chicken breast, pickled mushrooms and tomatoes. Preparing such a salad is very simple and it turns out tasty and low-fat.


Tomatoes — 300 g
Chicken Breast — 300 g
Champignons (pickled) — 250 g
Mayonnaise — 1 tbsp. l
Salt to taste

Salad making:

1. Pickled mushrooms are cut into four parts.

2. Chicken fillet cut into small cubes. I cooked the fillets in a pan, but you can also use boiled or baked in the oven. If desired, chicken can be replaced with any other meat or sausage.

3. Cut the tomatoes into quarters and remove the middle so that there is no excess liquid in the salad. Dice.

4. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and season the salad with mayonnaise, salt to taste and mix well.

Cocktail Salad Compliment..

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