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Cookie recipes for kids.

Curd cake with raspberries.

Cookie recipes for kids.

I must say that the cake turned out incredibly tender and very homey, and my love of baking cheese, then cake, has become even stronger! Cookie recipes for kids.

I’m only slightly diminished the amount of sugar added and frozen raspberries, although this cake you can add any fruit and dried fruit.

Cookie recipes for kids.


150g flour,
75g butter (at room temperature),
150g sugar,
130g cottage cheese 18%
2 small eggs (room temperature)
1/2 tsp baking powder,
100g frozen raspberries,
powdered sugar for sprinkling.

Cookie recipes for kids.

1. Heat the oven to 170c. Beat butter and sugar, 7-8 minutes.

2. Add the cheese, I wiped cottage cheese through a sieve, so it was very tight, if you krupchaty cheese, it just need to rub through a sieve.

3. Beat until weight uniformity.

4. Add the eggs.

5. Thoroughly whisk mixer.

6. Sift flour with baking powder in a bowl with a mass.

7. stir well with a mixer until smooth.

8. Gently add the raspberries, it is better that it is well frozen, so as not to drip juice. Very gently mix. Grease the cake pan with oil and sprinkle it with flour. We spread the batter into the pan, bake the cake 50-60 minutes.

9. We reach the finished cake out of the oven. Check readiness of a match — it should come out dry from the middle of the cake. We give it to cool.

10. The cooled cake sprinkle with powdered sugar.

11. Cut the cake and inviting friends over for tea! Definitely I am going to cook it more than once, with different fillings and possibly in muffin tins for a change. This is a great recipe plus cheese baking in my piggy bank!
Bon Appetit!

Cookie recipes for kids.

Cottage cheese biscuits.


200 grams of cottage cheese,
100g butter,
Flour 1 cup (cup = 240ml)
1 tablespoon Sahara,
a pinch of salt.

Waking up this morning, after a week of rain, suddenly the sun came out, the blue cloudless sky, and for some reason it was so good and calm the soul that wanted to bake something completely out of childhood — a simple, cozy and home. This cookie is one of the most favored, not only because of the taste, but also because of the simplicity of the recipe. From this test it is possible to prepare all the familiar «crow’s feet», but I prefer to cut molds. For the «crow’s feet» the dough should be rolled thin, if you cut the molds, then roll out about 3-5 mm.

1. Wipe the curd through a sieve, we need to not have grains. Cottage cheese can use any, even ricotta.

2. rubbed butter on a coarse grater. Add the vanilla (or vanilla sugar or vanilla essence).

3. Well knead.

4. Add the flour and salt, stir and lay the dough on a work surface. Quickly roll down it into a ball. The dough may take a little more flour, cottage cheese depends on the humidity. But do not overdo it, otherwise the cookies will turn solid.

5. Raskatyvaaem dough about 3-5 mm thick. To the dough rolling pin or stuck to the table, it is best to roll it between two sheets of baking paper. So rolling pin and table are clean, and do not need to add much flour.

6. Cut your favorite cookie molds. Spread on a baking tray with baking paper. Each cookie lightly sprinkle with sugar, I use brown for a caramel taste. We send in a preheated oven at 200 degrees for 25-30 minutes, until the pastry is golden brown.

7. The finished cookies lay on the rack, to cool.

8. All! Cottage cheese, a little crisp, moderately sweet, a little salty, incredibly flavorful, soft and creamy cookies ready. I love him with cold milk or yogurt, a cookie is still warm, or with a cup of freshly brewed strong coffee.




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