Creamy ice cream.

Creamy ice cream.

Everyone loves it, both adults and children. Creamy ice cream. Ice cream is a product that, probably, will never cease to be in demand. But the question arises: can I make my favorite delicacy at home?

Creamy ice cream.


Milk 125 g;
Sugar 100 g;
5 g vanilla sugar;
Cream 35% -s 300 g;
3 pieces of egg yolk.


1. Milk boil and dissolve it in the usual and vanilla sugar. Cool. Stir the yolks. In a water bath, stirring constantly, bring to the consistency of the mass of condensed milk.

2. Whip cream in a solid mass.

3. Connect the two substances in one and freeze, stirring from time to time (approximately every hour).
Yield — 1.5 liters of liquid.
Bon Appetit!


Creamy ice cream.



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