Crepes with filling



For the test:
● Flour — 200 g
● Eggs — 4 pcs.
● Milk — 750 ml
● Dill,
● 2 teaspoons of sugar, salt.

For filling:
● Eggs boiled — 5 pcs.
● Ham — 300 g
● Cheese — 200 g
● Vegetable Oil.

For breading:
● Egg — 1 piece.
● Breadcrumbs,
● Salt (to taste)

Dough. We sift the flour, mix it with milk, eggs, salt and finely chopped dill. Stir thoroughly so that there are no lumps. We chew thin pancakes from two sides. Eggs are cleaned and cut into mugs. We cut thin slices. We rub it on a medium grater.
Do not mix the filling.

On pancakes we put slices of ham, from above — on two circles of egg, sprinkle with grated cheese. We put pancakes with envelopes. Panning. The egg is beaten with salt. In a separate bowl, pour the breadcrumbs. We pour the pancakes in the egg. We serve in the breadcrumbs. We broil pancakes until a ruddy crust appears.


Crepes with filling


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