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Desert Blanc

Desert Blanc

Dessert recipes with photos simple and delicious

Cooking time: 1 hour 15 minutes.
Number of Servings: 4 pcs.

Ingredients for the recipe «Desert Blanc»:
For the bulk of
Vanilla pods — 1 pc.
Cocoa powder — 50g
Chestnuts — 400 g
Milk — 500 ml
Light rum — 20 ml
Powdered sugar — 100 g
For decor
Cream 33% — 200 ml

Cooking dessert Blanc

«Mont Blanc» or «Monte Bianco» called desserts with chestnuts or Cake or cakes, or ice cream, or candy to them, is served in a certain way — with a relief surface. This recipe is distributed in France, Italy, and is located between the part of Switzerland, found in Spain, but the peak of his popularity falls, probably on … Japan.

How in the world were treated to sushi and rolls — so in Japan bounced back to the «Mont Blanc», making them, including pumpkin, matches … and even purple potatoes. Well, the Japanese «Mont Blanc» I’ll show how some other time, they too megaprikolnye. And now I offer you the easiest Blanc dessert.

Cooking food by prescription «Desert Blanc»:

For the main monblanovoy mass, we need about 600 grams of fresh chestnuts or 400 finished (it is exactly and counting all the other ingredients of this figure comes from). 600 g fresh need to boil (as in Recipe chicken with chestnuts) or fry (as in the recipe French salad with chestnuts) and clean. Furthermore, we need chestnuts 500 ml of milk, vanilla pod (or vanilla sugar), approximately 100 g of sugar powder, 50 g cocoa powder (can be less than this — high), and 02.03 tablespoon rum, Grappa, cognac — in short, any alcohol, which you like flavored confectionery. For decorative use whipped cream, but the main part of the product, they are not included.

Subjected to a preliminary heat treated and peeled chestnuts pour the milk, vanilla pod or raspotrashivaem Pour vanilla sugar — and the whole thing cook for 30 minutes after boiling on low heat. Then turn the fire to the maximum and evaporated milk, almost completely. As soon as the bottom begins prisyhat — remove from heat. We throw away the vanilla pod.

For hot, boiled with milk and vanilla chestnuts add powdered sugar, cocoa and rum — and pyuriruem it all into a homogeneous mass.
Desert Blanc planted either large perforated media or from the bag with any relief tips, which you just have. The main thing that he did not look like a smooth surface, and a mound or hill with furrows or of sausages.
Cream whisk in a stable foam.
Decorate each Mont Blanc Snowy peaks of whipped cream, if only a little.



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