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Dessert Delicate pineapple.

Dessert Delicate pineapple.

Recipe for cooking Cream-dessert «Gentle pineapple»:


200 g pineapple yogurt;
Canned pineapple — 50 g;
Sugar — 50 g;
500 grams of creamy cream;
yolk — 2 pieces;
gelatine — 20 g.

Dessert «Delicate pineapple».

For decoration:

Pieces of pineapple.
Mint leaves.


1. Whip yolks and sugar whisk in a lush mass. Pour the yogurt into the mixture and beat again.
Canned pineapples pour into a colander and wait for them to drain excess liquid.

Then cut the fruit in very small cubes.
Gelatin soak, as indicated in the instructions.

When it swells, drain the water and heat the gelatin in a water bath until it completely dissolves.
It should be remembered that you can not boil gelatin.

2. In a yoghurt cream pour a little cooled gelatin, place the same pieces of pineapple.
Mix all the ingredients very gently. At the end, combine the cream with whipped cream.

Dessert cream spread on the molds and put in a refrigerator for three hours.
When the dessert stiffens, decorate it with pineapple slices and mint leaves and immediately submit to the table.

Bon Appetit!


Dessert "Delicate pineapple".

Cream for eclairs on pudding.

Try a gentle pudding cream. You just will be satisfied!
Dry pudding — the product is extremely versatile. Follow the instructions on the package, and you will have a delicious dessert — a creamy or chocolate pudding. And on the pudding you get very delicious pastries: biscuits, rolls.

I want to offer you a cream on vanilla pudding. If you have chocolate, of course, you can use it.

With this cream, you can sandwich cakes, biscuits, fill them with baskets, and also stuff eclairs and profiteroles.

To prepare a cream for eclairs on pudding, prepare the products on the list.


Milk — 350 ml
Sugar — 4 tbsp.
Pudding vanilla (powder) — 1 packet (40 g)
Butter — 180 g

Step-by-step recipe:

From the total amount of milk, take 150 ml and dilute it with pudding. Stir to not have lumps.
The rest of the milk is brought to a boil, add sugar and milk-pudding mixture.

Fast mixing.
Cooking on low heat until thick. Thoroughly mix, especially working the bottom (the mass can stick and burn).

When the mixture thickens, let it cool to room temperature, stirring constantly.
Butter butter of room temperature is whipped into a magnificent mass.

Then add portions of the cooled pudding mass to butter, whilst constantly whipping at the same time.
Cream for eclairs on pudding is ready.

It is magnificent and airy.
We stuff eclairs or profiteroles with cream.

Enjoy your desserts!


Dessert Delicate pineapple.





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