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healthy desserts

Homemade ice cream

healthy desserts
Strawberries — 25 g
Cream 30% — 125 g
Condensed milk — 125 ml
Lemon juice — 10 ml
Nuts any — 20 g
Chocolate crumb — 40 g

Peeled strawberries with a fork.
Chop the cream into a mixer until they become thick.
Add the condensed milk, stir.
Put the strawberries, pour the lemon juice, mix.
Pour the resulting mass into a mold and put it in the freezer for 2 hours.

Remove, mix well and put back into the freezer for 8 hours.
Serve ice cream, sprinkling it on top with crushed nuts and grated chocolate.
The filler can be used any: fruit or berries that your child loves.
In addition, you can decorate the ice cream with strawberry berries.


Homemade ice cream


Warm cherry kissel with vanilla filling
Cherry Fresh — 2 kg
Sugar — 300 g
Orange (peel) — 1 pc.
Water 1.5-2 L
Cinnamon — 1 stick
Badyan — 1 star
Starch — 30 g
Vanilla ice cream — 400 g

Cherries free from stones, fill with sugar and let stand for 3 hours.
With an orange to wipe the zest.
Put the pan with the cherry on the fire, adding water, zest and spices, cook over medium heat for 30-40 minutes.
Starch diluted in 3 tbsp. L. water.
Remove the pan from the heat and thicken the contents with starch.
Put on a weak fire and, stirring constantly, bring to a light boil, then immediately remove from heat.
Allow to cool slightly.
Warm the jelly in glasses and add a vanilla filling ball.


Homemade ice cream.

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