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Desserts to make.

Marzipan in the home.

Desserts to make.

One of the finest inventions of the European confectionery school — marzipan — and a treat in itself, and the basis for filling and decorating various sweets.

Asian delicacy marzipan.

We will need these ingredients:
• 2 eggs
• 175 g of powdered sugar
• 175 g of finely crystalline sugar
• 350 g ground almonds
• 1/2 h. L. vanilla extract
• 1 hour. L. lemon juice almond extract (optional).

Desserts to make.

For the application of marzipan:
• icing sugar for dusting
• apricot glaze

Desserts to make.

Cooking method:
1 Whisk the eggs in a bowl, sift the icing sugar with a small crystal sugar. Put in a water bath and continue beating for about 3 minutes until the air light cream. Remove from heat.
2 Stir the almonds, add the vanilla extract and lemon juice and mix until a paste-like mass. Laced 1-2 hours. L. almond extract.


Desserts to make.


3 Put on the board, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and knead until smooth. Roll the marzipan into the layer thickness of 5 mm.
4 The size of the form in which peksya pie or cake, cut out a circle of marzipan to cover their cakes. Lubricate the surface of the cake or cake a layer of heated apricot jam, put on top of a circle of marzipan, smoothing his hands.
5 Measure the height of the product and cut the marzipan strips of the same width with an allowance of 5 mm. Apply the product on the sides of the jam and marzipan attach strips, smoothing her hands and pressing down on the seams for gluing strips. Rolled marzipan on top of a glass cup to smooth. Wrap the product in marzipan baking paper and store in an airtight container. Leave at least a day, cover with royal icing, although without this it will very tasty.


Desserts to make.


Desserts to make.


About the dish:

Yield: 800 g
Preparation time: 20 minutes

The most high-quality ready-made marzipan can not be compared with home. It is possible to use a variety of ways. For example, add food coloring and blind, like plasticine, decorative fruits or leaves to decorate cakes. Cut in half figs, remove the bone, starting from the base balls of marzipan and serve as the petit fours for an afternoon cup of coffee.


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