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recipes for healthy snacks
To prepare the pancakes, which are the national dish of Belarus, will require a minimum of components, which can be found in every home. The classic recipe is needed potatoes and onions, which will help to avoid browning of potatoes after rubbing. Some housewives are added to the onion-potato mixture the eggs and flour, eventually obtained meatless potato pancakes.

— Potatoes — 1 kg
— Bulb — 1 kg
— Salt — 1 tsp
— Black pepper — ½ tsp
— Vegetable oil — 100 ml

Cooking method:
Wash and clean the potatoes, grate. Onions are also peel and grate (you can grind in a blender). Do everything you need to quickly to turn blue potatoes did not have time to mix the ingredients. If you got a potato variety that darkens quickly, potatoes can rub portions and each of them immediately mixed with onions.

From the resulting mass to collect potato juice with a spoon. Then add salt and pepper, all mixed thoroughly.
In a preheated pan with vegetable oil is spread with a spoon onion-potato mixture. Potato pancakes on both sides fry until until they are covered with a golden brown crust.


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