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Duck meals.

 Duck meals. Duck recipe in the oven.

 Duck meals. Snacks on banquet table recipes.

Ingredients: Duck meals.

1 PC. duck
gorchitsa domashnyaya — taste;
maslo olivkovoe — taste


Duck meals. Snacks on banquet table recipes.


Pered tem, kak vkusno prigotovit duck folge in duhovke, tschatelno promyvaem carcass and obsushivayut polotentsem.

Gorchitsu smeshivaem olivkovym with butter, throw spetsii to taste and coat with the mixture the bird inside and out.

Marinating the meat for about an hour, and then zavorachivaem plotno in folgu and otpravlyaem in razogretuyu duhovku.

Cherez 1.5 chasa proveryaem gotovnost, piercing the meat with a knife: if the act of clear liquid — all gotovo.


Duck meals.


Roast beef with potatoes in the sleeve.

That’s the recipe for roast in the sleeve in our family has taken root.

What we need for cooking:

potatoes — 5 pcs.
beef — 500g
onions — 1 pc.
carrots — 2 pcs. medium size
sour cream — 4-5 tablespoons
pepper — to taste.

1) Wash the beef and let it dry, or wipe it with paper towels.
We cut it into small cubes. Generally, the original recipe uses pork, so take the meat that you love.

2) We clean the potatoes and cut it into 8 pieces, if it is large, and if small, then in half.

3) Carrots are cleaned and cut into circles.

4) We clean the onions and finely chop.

5) Mix all the ingredients, salt and pepper to taste.

6) Put all ingredients in a sleeve or bag for baking. The contents of the package are smeared with sour cream.

7) We tie a sleeve and send it to a preheated 180 degree oven for one hour.

Then we cut the bag and send another 10-15 minutes to the oven in order to form a ruddy crust. If you choose pork or chicken, then the time for baking should be reduced.

8) We take the prepared dish from the oven and gently cut the package. Serve a dish with fresh or salted vegetables, as well as greens.
Bon Appetit!

Duck meals.

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