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Easter cake

Easter cake.
Is the most delicious recipe.

Kulich is a Russian ritual bread, an indispensable attribute of the Easter table. Its distinctive feature is that it is baked from dough for dough. Often with the addition of raisins, dried cranberries and cherries. It can be big or small. But it must be high. Because it looks like a big starter church bread called artos.

Artos is consecrated on the first day of Easter after a special prayer. It is distributed among believers on a bright Saturday. After the end of the Easter service, they quickly break through after Lent.

Kulichi — homemade fiction. Worshipers bring them to church for consecration. Then the head of the family shares them for all family members.

Easter cake.

As a rule, they are baked not only for themselves. It is customary to give cookies to close relatives and friends. Also painted Easter eggs. We always cook a lot of baking. Paint eggs for a few dozen. After all, you need to treat all relatives. Deliciously eat at work. Call and congratulate your close friends.

Therefore, the holiday is filled with meetings, conversations and refreshments. You take 3 — 4 cakes from the house and a couple dozen eggs, and you bring the same amount. You treat, and you are treated!

And in order not to lose face, I want your treat to be the most delicious. Today I want to share with you just such a delicious Easter treat. Kulich according to the proposed recipe is not just tasty, but naive!

Is the most delicious recipe.

We need:

Flour — 800 gr
Milk — 300 ml
Butter 82,5% — 300 gr
Eggs — 5 pcs + 1 pcs
Yeast alive — 50 gr (or dry — 3 tsp)
Sugar — 1,5 — 2 cups
Vanilla sugar — 1 packet
Raisins — 150 gr (different colors)
Dried cranberries or dried cherries — 100 gr
Almond petals — 100 gr
Lemon — 1 piece
Salt — a pinch
vegetable oil


Easter cake.

In advance to get from the refrigerator butter and eggs. We need the butter melted, and the eggs should not be too cold.

1. Pour the milk in a suitable container and heat it in a water bath until it is warm. According to this recipe you can cook using regular milk, and you can also take ghee, then the cakes will resemble those we ate in the grandmother’s childhood.

2. In warm milk, pour a tablespoon of sugar and mix thoroughly until it dissolves completely. You can use a whisk for this, it will be faster with it.

3. Crush fresh, fresh yeast in milk. I like to use live yeast for this type of baking. In my opinion, with them the dough is especially tasty. Therefore, I recommend that you buy them in advance. If you decide to bake good tasty pastries. If you are still using dry yeast, then make sure they are fresh. Check expiration date. For the culmination to grow, and the dough turned out to be gentle and airy, only fresh yeast is needed!

4. Stir the milk and yeast. If there are small lumps on the surface, then it’s okay, in the course of further work with the test they will completely disperse.

5. Approximately 300 grams of flour, that is, just under half, twice sifted through a sieve. This is also an important stage, and it is not necessary to ignore it. During sifting, the particles are saturated with oxygen, and the flour becomes airy. So the dough will be better to climb.
This test produces high, airy and tastiest yeast products, and of course our cakes will not be an exception.

Is the most delicious recipe.

6. Thoroughly mix the contents with a spoon. Then cover the sponge with a napkin or food film and put in a warm place for about an hour.
If you cover the bowl with food film, then make a few punctures in it, so that the dough breathes during the infusion.

7. Prepare dried fruit. The main ingredient that is most often added to the dough for cakes is raisins, and so we will also add it.
Since the Easter cake is celebratory, in order to emphasize the significance of the event, I propose to take three different varieties — white, brown and black, each grade of 50 grams. But you can also use only one kind of raisins.
And also you can take dried cranberries or dried cherries without pits. With such ingredients, Easter cakes will turn out to be truly festive.
But in general, you can use any dried fruits that you deem fit. Any pastry, the process is purely individual, and every housewife may have its own preferences.

8. The selected dried fruits should be washed and poured hot water, give them a little stand. They swell and become tastier. Soaking time depends on the hardness of the dried fruits themselves.
So, for raisins and cranberries with a cherry will be enough 10 — 20 minutes. And if you want to add pieces of dried apricots, they should be kept for about 1 hour.

9. Nuts are also added to the cake. But that the finished products literally melted in the mouth, you need to peel the peel from the nuts. Therefore, they should be soaked in hot water for two minutes, then peel and grind, cutting into pieces of the right size.
But if you do not want to bother with this, you can buy almond petals in advance. They are thin, already without the skin, and the cakes with their use will be just tender.

10. In a bowl, break 5 eggs, add the remaining sugar and a bag of vanilla sugar.
Beat with a mixer for 5 minutes. During this time the mixture should whiten, and the sugar will completely dissolve. In addition, the mass should increase slightly in volume.
Eggs are beaten with sugar when the opara is already ready, so check it before starting to knock it down. Opara should increase in volume approximately twice, besides it should be alive and sated by small air bubbles.
The better the opara rises, the more airy and tender will be the finished baked goods.

11. Add the spice in the sweet egg mass, there also shift the already melted butter by this time. I already wrote a lot about the fact that oil is best used 82.5% fat, oil of lower fat content is in fact margarine, that is a vegetable trans fats of poor quality.
If the oil does not have time to melt, then you can warm it in the microwave for 1 minute. Doing this, of course, is not advisable, but if there is no way else, then use this method.
Stir the mixture thoroughly.

Easter cake.

12. The remaining 500 gr of flour to sift into a bowl, again two times. While set aside.

13. Gradually add the flour and mix into the prepared pulp. You can stir a spoon with a long handle, and if there is a combine, then you can interfere with a special nozzle for the dough.
It is important to pour the flour not immediately, but add it in small portions. Then add a pinch of salt.
Typically, in any pastry, even sweet, you should add a little salt. So the dough will become richer and more sated to taste.

14. The finished dough should be quite liquid and elastic, but you do not need to add more flour. If you mix the dough with a spoon, then it will probably be difficult at the very end of the kneading. In this case, you can moisten your hands with vegetable oil and knead it with your hands.

15. Grease a large bowl with vegetable oil and transfer the resulting dough into it. Cover it with a napkin, or a towel, you can again close it with a food film, in which to make several incisions with a knife.
Leave for an hour in a warm place, during this time the dough will rest and rise.
If the house is cold, and it is difficult to find a warm place, then you can use this method. The oven should be put on for 3 — 4 minutes, then turn it off and put a bowl of dough in it, covering it with a napkin. First check the temperature in the oven by hand, it should be warm, but not hot.

16. Throw dried fruit in a colander, and allow to drain water. Then put them on paper towels and let them lie down so that all the remaining water is absorbed. If necessary, cover up the top and get wet. Water should not remain on them.
We leave them on a napkin so that they dry completely.

17. Sprinkle dried dried fruits with flour and mix. In this form, it will be easier to introduce them into flour.
Then add chopped nuts, or almond petals. Mix again.
With a lemon peel off, only its yellow part, and add to dried fruits and nuts. Tsedra will give a wonderful lemon flavor and taste of freshness. It will be very tasty and fragrant! All carefully mix.

18. Check the dough in an hour. It should rise by that time and increase in volume by half.

19. Abundantly lubricate your hands with vegetable oil and crumble the dough from all sides.
Then add dried fruits with nuts and zest. Sprinkle with flour.
Stir thoroughly and evenly.

20. Cover again with a napkin and put again in a warm place for an hour.

21. Prepare the dough forms. There are special cast-iron molds, there are paper disposable forms, and there are small high detachable forms. Use the one that you have.
The form of a large amount of oil on the inside of the butter. If the form is not paper, then cut out the parchment paper circles for the bottom and put them there. So it will be easier to get an Easter cake on readiness.
Then lightly sprinkle them with flour, after which the form is turned over so that excess flour pours out.

22. After an hour, the desktop is sprinkled with flour and put the dough on it. Sprinkle it with flour and top, knead again. Then divide the dough into 5 equal parts. This is for large forms. If you have small forms, then just orient yourself by the fact that when you put the dough in a mold, it should fill it in about 1/3 part, or half.

23. Wash each part with your hands and form a smooth ball, especially in its upper part. So it turns out a smooth beautiful top layer, which will be well spread glaze.

25. After 30 minutes, turn on the oven. We need a temperature of 180 degrees.

26. Stir the remaining egg with a fork. Lubricate the top of the cakes with an egg mixture, use a silicone scapula for this.
You can skip this step, especially if you subsequently cover the top with glaze.

27. Put the mold in the oven. Bake according to the size of the form from 35 minutes to an hour. If the baking molds are large, it will take 45-60 minutes to bake, therefore, after about 25 minutes, it will be necessary to cover them with parchment paper or foil.
Ready cakes should be rosy on top and baked inside. They were baked, or not, you can find out by punching them with a long skewer or a zaubochistkoy.

28. Finished products get out of the oven, and let them stand in the form of 5 — 7 minutes, then get it. They should be delivered fairly easily.
Recently, many have baked in special paper forms. Take out the products of these is not required, and they look very beautiful.

29. On the table, lay a large soft towel, then a clean cotton cloth and lay the cakes on them, laying them on the barrel. Every 5 to 7 minutes, roll them to evenly cool, and yet do not crumple the sides. And so, until they cool down. It takes about 30 minutes.
This procedure will not allow the test to fall off when it cools down, and the cakes remain high and beautiful.

30. At the end of the allotted time, put the cakes as expected and cover them with a towel, wrapped around them. For fidelity, you can also wrap food film on top.
This must be done so that they do not dry up.

31. Leave them in this condition for the night.

32. Then decorate with glaze, lay on a plate with dyed eggs and serve on a table.
Treat your household and guests!

The dough at the cake turned out to be soft, airy and very gentle. The aroma of vanilla and lemon rind stirs the taste, and the taste itself, that having eaten a piece, involuntarily immediately pulls for the next.
And in fact, it could not have been otherwise. After all, so much love, tenderness and kindness we invested in its making!

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Easter cake



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