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Easy cleaning

Easy cleaning: how to wash the kitchen of fat in 5 minutes

If you often cook, then for sure you regularly face the problem of greasy spots around the stove. How to wash them quickly and effectively, we will tell in our review.

Each housewife knows that during cooking oil sprinkles in all directions, and special mesh covers that help to avoid this, not all use. You should be prepared to wash the fat anyway, but today we will share with you simple tips that will help you do it in a matter of minutes.

1. Remove everything from the plate

This is a very simple advice, but it is he who can make life easier for you in the kitchen and significantly shorten the cleaning time. Organize the kitchen space so that near the stove there are no spatulas and spicery shelves, there are no different objects, for example, a teapot or a coffee maker.

The law is simple — the fewer things spatter, the less it is then laundered. Elementary, is not it? And how to deal with stains on the tile and the stove, read on.

2. Wipe immediately

A roll of paper towels and special wet wipes will become your irreplaceable helpers in the kitchen. Keep them always at hand and, as soon as the oil starts to spray during cooking, immediately use. Remember that oil stains are much easier to remove if they do not dry out or burn.

Gently pat the stain with a paper towel or napkin, but be careful if you have a gas stove. It is easier to turn off the cooking zone for a minute than to put out a napkin in the sink. By the way, a simple paper towel will help you cope with such a problem as streaks on the outside of the pan. Immediately pat them — and then do not have to soak the entire pan, wiping the fat, not only from the inside, but also from the outside.

And one more little advice. If you urgently need to get wet splashed oil, and your hands are busy, do not tear off the paper towel, but attach the roll whole. This will save time, but do not forget to tear off the layers soaked in oil.

3. Start cleaning immediately after cooking

We have already said that any fat stain is easier to remove, while it is still not withered, so try to get rid of all the effects of cooking immediately after it is completed. Covering the frying pan with a lid and rearranging it to another burner, proceed to easy cleaning.

You can use both special tools designed for tiles, slabs and work surfaces, and simpler and more affordable options. For example, a liquid for washing dishes. Dilute a drop of liquid in a glass of water, moisten the sponge in the resulting solution and wipe the surfaces on which the oil has fallen, and then wipe it dry with an ordinary rag. It will take no more than three minutes, but the kitchen will shine with cleanliness.

If the stain has already dried a little, then prepare a kind of pasta, mixing in a proportion of 1 to 1 baking soda and water. Put it on the stain and leave it for 5 minutes, then simply wipe it with a damp cloth and then with a paper towel. Believe me, it’s much faster and easier than waiting for weekly cleaning and at the same time wiping off all the aging fat spots that appeared in a few days.


Easy cleaning



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