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Eggplants stuffed with brynza.

 Eggplants stuffed with brynza. Also tomatoes, capers and anchovies.

Easy appetizer recipes

Eggplant — 600 g;
Vegetable oil — 250 ml;
Rukkola 150 g;
Balsamic cream sauce — 30 ml;
Salt pepper.

For filling.
Brynza — 200 g;
Sun-dried tomatoes — 50 g;
Capers — 50 g;
Anchovies in oil — 50 g;
Olives without pits — 50 g;
Parsley — 5 g;
Basil — 5 g;
Olive oil — 50 ml;
Salt pepper.

Cut eggplants along into slices 3 mm thick, sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Fry in vegetable oil from both sides to a ruddy crust.

Prepare the filling. Brynza cut into cubes.
Dried tomatoes, capers, anchovies without butter, olives, parsley and basil finely chopped. Mix everything, season with salt and pepper. Add the olive oil and mix again.

Turn the stuffing into slices of eggplant to get dense rolls, put them on a dish.
Serve with arugula, top with balsamic sauce.


Eggplants stuffed with brynza.

Lettuce leaves in a parmesan basket.

Parmesan — 200 g
Lettuce leaves — 150 g
Olive oil — 40 ml
Lemon juice — 15 ml
Pine nuts — 20 g

Parmesan grate, lay on a baking sheet, lined with a sheet of parchment, in the form of circles with a diameter of 20 cm and put in the oven.
After the parmesan melts and a golden crust forms, it needs to be removed, slightly cooled and put on some form (for example, a mug with a wide bottom), so that the edges of the Parmesan hang down.
When the Parmesan cools down finally, remove the baskets and put them on plates.
In the resulting edible baskets put the leaves of the salad, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice.
Sprinkle cedar nuts on top.
Baskets prepared with this simple recipe can be
Fill with different salads for your taste and use, for example, for the original presentation of dishes on the festive table.


quick appetizers.

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