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There are many ways to salting fat. Especially distinguished among them is the «ladies» ambassador in brine. Salo is tender, tasty. Can be stored for a long time.


— 1.5 kg of lard,
— 1 l of filtered water,
— salt 5 tbsp. spoons
— 5 pieces of bay leaf,
— garlic 5 cloves,
— black pepper peas,
— white ground pepper.


1. Boil filtered water with salt for 10 minutes.

2. Allow to cool to room temperature.

3. Peel and crush the garlic with a knife, knead the peppercorns, break the bay leaf and pour it into the brine together with the ground pepper, mix everything thoroughly.

4. Wash the lard and clean the skin well.

5. Cut into large chunks.

6. Put in a bowl, better in glass.

7. Pour the ready brine and put in a cool place for two or three days, do not close the lid — the fat should breathe.

8. After the weeding, get, dry, sprinkle with spices to your taste. 9. Wrap in foil and store in freezer.

Enjoy your meal!




Lovers of delicious bacon. Found a great recipe for which you will get a very tasty and fragrant bacon.

Cut the bacon into pieces of 5×15 cm. We put it in 1.5 — 1 liter jars (as pickled cucumbers, while standing!). Tightly fill the banks do not need. In a 1.5 liter jar you need to put about 1 kg of fat, no more. And we add different spices: garlic, peppercorns, bay leaf.

Cook the brine.

Pour water into the pot. We put on the gas. In the water we drop the peeled potato. As soon as the water boils (along with the potato) — we turn off the gas.

Put salt in water, a few tablespoons. Water is brought to a boil and a little, to dissolve the salt. Boil on a quiet light. Our potato floats in the middle of the liquid (not at the bottom!).

Put another salt. Again a little boil. Murphy rises even higher. Then we put salt and boil again. Put the salt in spoons until the potato is on the surface. Its salt should «push» to the surface.

All this time the brine is quietly boiling (on the quietest light). As soon as the potato «jumped out», we throw it away. Tuzluk is boiling just one more minute. That’s it, the buffer is ready.

Do not even think of trying it with the tip of your tongue! Tuzluk need to cool. As soon as it is cold, pour it into jars with cooked bacon. We wait a little and, if necessary, top it up again.

Banks close plastic caps. Leave for a day in the apartment. Then the banks need to be removed in the refrigerator for 10-14 days (I have for 2 weeks).

I keep on the loggia (but we are now freezing cold). Tuzluk in banks does not freeze. It becomes very thick. Transfused in the bank so very slowly, impressively!

After 2 weeks, our fat is ready. To say that tasty is to say nothing! Soft, tender and a little moist lard. Try, pickle more and in this way — you will not regret.



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