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Fish salad

Fish salad

«Olivier Tuna» — we called this salad at home. Although he inherited from Olivier only potatoes and carrots, he might as well winning the hearts and stomachs of guests. This salad was once upon a time made of what has been. Time passed, but the salad and still never ceases to amaze those who try it for the first time. It is easy (even step by step pictures not) to prepare. You can replace store bought biscuits, household. The main thing, in my opinion — a good canned fish.

Ingredients for a small bowl (2-3 servings):

Boiled potatoes — 2 pcs.

Boiled carrots — 1 pc. (Large)

Canned fish (Fillet sardines in oil) — 170 g (1 tin)

Crackers (Kirieshki with cheese taste) — 1 pack.

Corn — 170 g (6 tbsp)


Black pepper to taste

Carrots and potatoes cut «in oliveznomu». Add the corn, fish (fish with stirring itself crumble to pieces). Mix, mayonnaise, pepper. season with salt if necessary. You can add a bit of greenery, if desired. Five minutes before the supply dressed with croutons. Serve.




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