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Fried cakes.

Fried cakes.

This popular snack can be found in any corner of Spain. Meat filling is variable, form — too. A mandatory condition is a deep-fryer.
When in my childhood I bought a bun with jam, put a thick piece of doctor’s sausage there. I washed it down with milk. My friends twisted a finger at his temple. Jam and sausage? And for me, nothing was more delicious. With me the Spanish are in solidarity.

After all, the patty is creamed in Creole in a deep-fried confectionery flour. That is, the dough is sweet. And the filling is necessarily meat. In the meat stuffing there may be pieces of vegetables, cheese or boiled eggs. The form can be the most amazing.

Creoles are scattered all over the world. This amazing people was formed as a result of the confusion of many races. In Creole, «pidgin» is spoken by about 30 million people.

Two rules of this dish remain unchanged: pies must be small. They are deep-fried. And it will turn out sweet and sharp at the same time!

For the preparation of fried cakes «Empanadas criollas» we will need minced meat from chicken fillet, milk, eggs, confectionery flour and a lot of seasonings.

Fried cakes.

Chicken fillet stuffed with chicken — 700 g
Sunflower oil — 300 ml
Confectionery flour «Pudov» — 500 g
Chicken egg — 2 pcs.
Milk — 150 ml
Provencal herbs — 3 g
Barbecue seasoning — 3 g
Mixture of marjoram — 3 g
Sour cream — 50 g
Chechel Cheese — 100 g
Salt — 10 g.

Fried cakes.

Step-by-step recipe:

Also need grated cheese, which melts. For example, «Dutch», mozzarella or «Chechen». Today cheese will be «Chechen», and seasonings are like that. But you can replace them with your loved ones.

Prepare the dough. It’s very simple, because everything is already in the flour. And baking powder, and sugar, and dry yeast. It is necessary to add only a little salt, milk and two eggs.
Knead a steep dough. When mixing, add 50 ml of sunflower oil. Ready to leave the dough in the bowl for half an hour to ripen.

We will fill the filling.
Minced fry, it’s very fast. Add your favorite seasonings and salt.
Add the grated cheese. While forcemeat is hot, gently mix everything. The filling is ready.

Fried cakes.

The dough is rested, divided into several parts. We roll into a thin layer. Cut off the extra dough. Cut out a square or a rectangle.
Divide into equal parts — squares or rectangles.

Now about the shape of the patty: you can choose the shape of classic patties. Or triangles.

How to tamper with. The filling is in the center. We protect two sides. Then two more.
And now all the rest firmly cling.

Prepare the saucepan. Strongly heat sunflower oil. Then we reduce the fire to a small one. Lower the bottom down, So pies will not open.
Fry literally for 30 seconds, turning from the bottom to the top.
Done. Throw it away on paper towels.

You can serve «Eastern», with chopsticks. You can eat with your hands. Tasty with tomato sauce, cream sauce or sour cream.
From such a small amount of the test, you will get a whole hill of crispy fried pies «Empanadas criollas». The dough is very thin.

What does it taste like? It’s like sweet brushwood or «virgins» with spicy meat stuffing. In a tandem, in terms of a drink, you can choose something fizzy and cold. Type «Pepsi» or «Fanta».
Bon Appetit!


Fried cakes.

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