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Fruit salad.

Fruit salad. Summer salads.


Grapes — 300 g;
Pineapple — 200 g;
Cheese — 100 g;
Mayonnaise — 1-2 tablespoons;
Garlic — 1 tooth.

Fruit salad.

Cooking process:

It became popular after the culinary salad salons came to me very much to taste! Despite the fact that he used simply available semi-hard cheese. Not Parmesan or mold, which is considered preferable for such a salad.

Pineapples for salad can be fresh or canned. Grapes are preferable to green and bone. Mayonnaise, if you do not cook yourself (for fear of using raw eggs, for example, I …), buy a good quality with a fat content of 67%. Without any additional flavoring additives, that is the classic Provencal.

Such a fruit salad with cheese, decorated with mayonnaise, and with a light garlic taste is quite suitable even for a festive table. I plan to serve as an independent dish. But it is possible for meat or chicken dishes.
For the salad, prepare the ingredients in the list.

Pineapple for a salad needs to be cut into small cubes.
A small kish-mish can be added to the salad whole, and large varieties of grapes must be cut into 2-3 parts.
If the salad is planned for filing later, then put the prepared fruit in a colander so that the juice drains from them. If you do not do this, the pre-cooked salad will get very wet by the time you feed.

Cheese grate on a large grater.
A garlic — on the small or through the press.
Before serving, season the salad with mayonnaise and mix all the prepared ingredients with each other.
French gypsy salad is ready. Not laborious in cooking and pleasant to the taste!
Bon Appetit!


Fruit salad.

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