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Fruit salad

Fruit salad

We need the following ingredients:

• Pineapples canned — 500.0 g
• Bananas — 4.0 pieces
• Kiwi — 5.0 pcs
• Grapefruit, orange or mandarin — 1.0 pcs.
• Apples — 2.0 pcs
• Sour cream or yogurt for filling

Cooking method:

1 Prepare all the necessary fruits for fruit salad. Here is an approximate number. You can take more. And also add your favorite fruits. This is a mandatory set of fruit salad.

2 Fruits are cleaned and cut into cubes if possible. We remove the grapefruit from the membranes.

We open pineapples, you can also take pineapples with fruits.

3 We put everything in a bowl, we pour out the pineapples together with the juice. Gently mix.
Add sour cream or yogurt.

Fruit salad


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