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Fruity mixed drinks.

Cocktail «Bramble».

 Fruity mixed drinks. Cocktails at home recipes.

Alternative «Kosmopolitenu», invented in 1984 by Dick Bredsellom bartender from London Fred’s Club. Fruity mixed drinks.

Ingredients (1 serving)
Gene — 50 ml
Lemon juice — 20 ml
Sugar Syrup — 10 ml
Blackberry liqueur — 15 ml
Pastry decorations to taste

Confectionery ornaments sold in supermarkets under the brand name Dr. Oetker — starting with a multi-colored sugar beads and ending waffle daisies. However, the decoration for cakes and desserts can always serve as nuts, poppy seeds, dried fruit, grated chocolate or fresh berries, if they have at hand.

Fruity mixed drinks.

Cooking time 3 minutes
1. knead a spoon in a glass of blackberry Barnier three berries. Pour in the gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup. Stir well.
2. In a cocktail glass shimmers through the strainer and fill it almost to the top with crushed ice. Pour in liqueur. Then pour the crushed ice with a slide.
3. To decorate the blackberries on a skewer and edible silver balls.
Instead, you can use blackberry liqueur blackcurrant.


Fruity mixed drinks.


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