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good cocktails

Peach and orange cocktail

good cocktails
Oranges — 2 pcs.
Peaches — 4 pcs.
Sugar — 30 g
Natural yoghurt — 400 g
Ice cubes (optional)
Oranges cleaned of peel and films, disassembled into slices. Peaches (fresh or canned) cut into small pieces.
In a blender, beat the fruit with sugar and yogurt, pour into a jug, add ice and mix.
Pour the cocktail over the glasses and immediately submit to the table.


Cocktail with ice-cream and pumpkin

Bananas — 2 pcs.
Pumpkin (pulp) — 200 g
Vanilla ice cream — 300 g
Freshly squeezed orange juice — 300 ml
Whipped cream — 4 tbsp. L.
Cinnamon ground — pinch

Peel the bananas and cut them into slices together with the pumpkin.
Put the bananas and pumpkin in the blender bowl, add ice cream and orange juice.
Beat until foam forms.
Pour the cocktail over the glasses, top with cream and sprinkle with cinnamon. Immediately submit.



Cocktail with strawberries and banana

Strawberries — 300 g
Banana — 1 pc.
Milk — 1 L
Vanilla ice cream — 250 g

Strawberry to sort out, remove stems. Banana clean, cut arbitrarily.
Put the strawberries and banana slices in the blender bowl, add milk and ice cream,
Whisk at high speed until foam forms.
Pour the cocktail over the glasses and serve immediately.



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