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Good mixed drinks.

Mojito with lime ice.

Good mixed drinks.

Ingredients: Good mixed drinks.

Lime 2 pieces
Carbonated water 500 g
Fresh Mint 150g
4 teaspoons sugar
250 g Water

Good mixed drinks.

Preparation: Good mixed drinks.

1. Squeeze lime. Take 250 grams of water, mixed with a third of lime juice, add the chopped mint. Stir. Pour into molds for ice. Put it in the freezer.
2. The second lime juice, sugar, mint potoloch. Mint combined with lime gives an excellent flavor.
3. In a glass put ice, a mixture of mint, lime, sugar and cover with water.
4. You can decorate with a sprig of mint and a slice of lime.

Bon Appetit!

Good mixed drinks.


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