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healthy breakfast

Canapé «Ladybug» with cheese and herbs

healthy breakfast

Feta cheese — 100 g
Cream 33% — 100 g
Dill — 30 g
Black bread — 4 slices
Cherry tomatoes — 8 pcs.
Olives without pits — 8 pcs.

Prepare a cream of feta cheese: mix the cheese with cream and half of the chopped dill with a blender to a homogeneous consistency.

Black bread cut into slices thickness of 0.5 cm, cut into four parts, grease cream with feta cheese.
Cherry tomatoes and black olives cut in half and put on
Smeared with cheese slices of bread, giving the shape of a ladybug.
Using the rest of the cheese cream, apply white dots on the surface of the tomatoes, making it even more similar to the ladybirds. Decorate the canape with fresh herbs of dill and lay it on the plate.


healthy breakfast

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