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Healthy pancakes.

Potato pancakes with sausage and cheese.

Healthy pancakes.

Dranniki from potatoes with sausage and cheese will be happy and adults and children. You can cook them for lunch or dinner.

Healthy pancakes.


Potatoes — 640 g
Egg of chicken — 2 pcs.
Sausage boiled — 160 g
Cheese hard — 80 g
Wheat flour — 4 tbsp.
Salt — to taste
Black pepper powder — to taste
Sunflower oil — for frying

Healthy pancakes.

Cooking process.

Potato pancakes with sausage and cheese — an appetizing dish for a homemade dinner or dinner. The potatoes are quite hearty, especially if you add sausage and cheese. And the number of sausages and cheese can vary depending on their preferences. The dish is cooked very quickly, and is eaten even faster — directly from the frying pan.

To prepare potato pancakes with boiled sausage and cheese, take the following products.

Sausage can be used as cooked or smoked. In any case, it should be either finely chopped or grated.

Hard cheese grind in the same way, using a large grater.
Peel potatoes from the peel, rinse and grate on the same grater.

To the chopped potatoes, add boiled sausage and grated cheese. Mix all the ingredients.

Add chicken egg, wheat flour, salt, ground black pepper. Stir.

In the pan, pour in the sunflower oil. Well warm up. Spoon a small portion of potato paste. Smooth with a spoon. Fry over moderate heat until a crispy crust on both sides.

Fried spices are placed on paper napkins so that excess oil is absorbed. Potato pancakes with sausage and cheese are ready.

Bon Appetit!


Healthy pancakes.

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