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Easy dessert recipes.

Honey cake with nuts.

Easy dessert recipes.

This extraordinarily delicious honey cake with walnuts is prepared easily and quickly eaten. Will appeal to all!


For the dough:

1 stack. Sahara;

2 eggs;

150 g of margarine;

2 tbsp. l. honey;

5-6 stack. flour;

1 h. L. soda

For the cream and layer 3 stack. sour cream; 1 can of condensed milk; 1.5 stack. walnuts

To decorate: cranberries.


Beat eggs with sugar, add the melted margarine, honey and baking soda, mix well. The resulting mass put on a water bath for 5-7 minutes (until it will increase approximately by half). Remove the weight from the water bath, let cool and stirring, gradually add the sifted flour. Knead the dough elastic.

Divide dough into 5-8 parts. Every part of the roll into a ball.

Balls roll out the dough thinly on parchment paper, trim the edges with the help of the plate. Bake cakes in the oven for 7-10 minutes each at 180 ° C until golden brown. Trim dry in the oven. Whip cream with condensed milk. Walnuts are a little dry in the oven or in a frying pan without adding fat, then chop, some postponed.

Share cakes at each other, smearing their sour cream and sprinkled with nuts. Ready cake sprinkled with crumb cakes from scraps and nuts. Garnish with cranberries.



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