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Honey cakes

Honey cakes (without rolling)

Honey cakes.

Honey cakes. Cakes, for example, are ideal for the cake «Medovik», also perfectly combined with different creams and fillings to your taste and imagination!))

Ruddy cakes, with a pleasant reddish tint, with an incredibly rich aroma of sweet-scented honey, are prepared absolutely without rolling, which makes the process of making a cake much cleaner and easier.

Honey cakes.

• Preparation: 20 m
• Preparation: 45 m
• Servings: 6 cakes

Egg: 3 pcs.
Honey: 150gr.
Oil: 100 gr.
Sugar: 100 gr.
Soda: 1.5 tsp.
Flour: 350 gr.

Honey cakes

1. Eggs slightly whisked to uniformity with a whisk.
2. We pour honey. If honey is thick, it’s not scary, it will melt later on in a water bath.
3. Pour the sugar.
4. We put butter, not margarine! It is desirable that it was already softened.
5. We put the bowl with the mass on the water bath, so that the mass is heated by the steam from the boiling water, I always put on a pot, about the same diameter as the bowl. We stir until the mass becomes homogeneous.
6. On the parchment sheets, I have 6 of them, we draw circles of the diameter you need, I have 14 cm. I looped around the lid, which later cut off the cakes.

Honey cakes
7. Add the hydrated soda to the honey mixture, I extinguish the citric acid, but it can be vinegar. Do not overdo it with vinegar so that there is no smell left.
8. Weight at this stage can whiten significantly, I only slightly covered with white foam. If there is no reaction, do not worry, prepare further.
9. Sift into a honey mass flour, through a fine sieve.
10. Mix the dough well so that it is free of lumps. The dough turns a little bit liquid with pleasant, sated honey aroma.
11. Lubricate the circle on the parchment with vegetable oil, using a culinary brush.
12. We put in the center of the drawn circle 2 tablespoons. Test.
13. And smear the dough in a circle with a wet knife, spoon or spontaneously, without going over the borders.
14. We bake the cake in a preheated oven at 180-200C (5-8 minutes), I baked exactly 8 minutes.
15. The cake should turn rosy, with a reddish tint, but not with dry edges! Do not bake! The cake will be soft, after a little lying down, the texture will change to a more elastic. With the lid we press down the hot cake and conduct small circular movements to cut off the excess.
16. So we get very even cakes. we remove the excess, I use the scraps in the design of the cake, podsushivayu them in the oven and chop in a blender.
17. I got 6 cakes, 13-14 cm in diameter. Cover and let cool.


Honey cakes

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