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How to open a coconut at home.

How to open a coconut at home. 

How to open a coconut at home. Coconuts are different in size and quality. Buy as much as possible in specialized departments of stores or exotic products — then it is possible that you find a fresh nuts from South-East Asia as a fresh coconut meat is very popular in the kitchen of India and Sri Lanka. Be sure to shake the coconut in your hand if you do not hear the splashing of liquid inside this fruit should not buy. If the fluid is drained or evaporated, the pulp may be rancid and unfit for use.

We will need these ingredients:



borehole or metal drill
a bowl
small hammer
a long sharp knife
knife for cleaning vegetables.

How to open a coconut at home.

Cooking method:

1 Use sharp needles pierce or drill three small «eye» at the top of the coconut.

2 Turn the fruit of holes down to a sieve stack juice (or water, as it is called). The pleasant-tasting liquid you can drink, but remember that this is not the coconut milk, which is made from coconut pulp.

How to open a coconut at home3 hammers repel approximately «equator» coconut club. Proceed firm confidence motions! Breaking through the fruit in a circle, you will find that it is easy to break into two neat halves.

4 knife with a long blade gently cut into the flesh of one half coconut triangle from the outer edge to the center and squeeze inside. Walk in a circle with a knife between the flesh and the shell to pull the rest of the flesh into large chunks. Do the same with the second half walnut.

5 Cut a knife outside a dark crust with pulp. Wash it under running water and chop on a grater. Knife for cleaning vegetables can cut the flesh in the form of curls to decorate cakes and desserts.

How to open a coconut at home.

How to open a coconut at home..

About the dish:

If you find a good fresh coconut, be sure to buy it. Only in this way you will have a chance to appreciate the real taste of the fruit, which is much more intense finished dry coconut.

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