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Ice baby.

Ice baby.

Ice baby.

Ice baby. Children’s ice cream yogurt and bananas.

How to make ice cream at home recipe.

Most of all, we ask ourselves the question «how to make homemade ice cream» when thinking about child nutrition. It is difficult to ward off fears of a fair part of the industrial recipes — with an abundance of flavors and stabilizers encrypted.We offer you a delicious recipe for homemade ice cream, which can be offered at a birthday party. And then you proslyvёte caring hostess and will be able to share with other parents the basics of healthy eating without giving up favorite childhood treats.
Note that the recipe calls for 2 cutaways frozen mass during the freezing process.

Ice baby.


Kefir — 300 ml;
Honey — 3 tbsp .;
Banana — 2 pcs.

For the sauce:

Berries (without small stones) — 200 g;
Corn Starch — 1 tbsp.

How to cook.

1. Net bananas, cut them to pieces, and interrupting in a blender.

2. Add to the banana honey and yogurt and bring a lot to homogeneity.

3. We send in the freezer for 1.5 hours.

4. We reach, interrupting in a blender and then freeze 1-1.5 hours. Third time — repeat the procedure with a mixer and send the final freezing.

5. Prepare the sauce: the berries (any seedless — cherry, blueberry, cherry, you can take frozen) ground in a blender and add to the weight of corn starch.

6. Heat the mixture over low heat until thick — about 15 minutes. The chilled berry mixture add honey. The sauce is ready!

IMPORTANT! Homemade ice cream melts easily store! Therefore We serve it quickly, watering sauce and garnish with mint leaves.


Ice baby



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