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How to make sugar icing that does not crumble.

We will need for the glaze:

Sugar — 1 glass
Gelatin — 1 tsp.
Water cold — 0, 5 cups



1. One teaspoon of gelatin is poured into a bowl and soaked with two tablespoons of cold water. Leave to stand for 5 minutes, so that gelatin is sold and swollen

2. Prepare sugar syrup. For this, add 4 tablespoons of water to the sugar. Put on a small fire, and stir the mixture until the sugar dissolves completely.

3. Then add the swollen gelatin to the mixture.

4. Immediately knock down the mixture with a mixer. Lack in this case is impossible, otherwise the mixture will quickly solidify.

5. Churn the mixture until thick and until the color changes to white. It takes about 2 — 3 minutes.

6. Now it’s important to put the mixture on the cake in time. Too hot mixture can not be applied, as it all drains down before it can catch on. And if you let it cool, it will not be applied any more, as it thickens. Therefore, the mixture should be applied slightly warm, try, if it does not spread out during the laying out, then it’s time!

7. Decorate the top with dyed millet, or any other ornaments that are now abundantly sold in stores

8. Give to the table and eat with pleasure.

The glaze, cooked in this way, does not crumble when sliced. It will not fall off when you cut the cake into pieces.

Easter cake is the most delicious recipe



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