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Israeli hummus.

Israeli hummus.

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For hummus

Chickpeas (boiled canned) — 2 cans;
Shallot shallow — 1/2 pcs.;
Garlic — 1 tooth;
Olive oil — 100 ml;
Cayenne pepper — 1 pinch;
Pasta tahini (sesame) — 1 tsp.

Israeli hummus «a la crudité».

For crepe

Celery stalk — 1 pc.
Fennel — 1 pc.
Sweet pepper (yellow and red) — 1 pc.
Turnip young — 2 pcs.
Young mini carrots — 4 pcs.
Young Savoy cabbage — 4 pcs.

Prepare hummus. Cut the clove of garlic and remove the core. Put the garlic and all other ingredients of hummus into the blender bowl, beat to a uniform cream.
All the vegetables for crochet wash and clean. Stalk of celery and fennel cut into sticks 3 cm long. Sweet pepper and turnip cut into 6 lobules.
On the dish to lay an impressive hump of humus, lay on it washed and peeled vegetables (croquette), in order to dunk them in hummus.


Israeli hummus.


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